Thursday, November 10, 2011

Karl Rove's Crossroads keeps lying—this time, about taxes

Facts don't matter to Karl "I Outed a CIA Agent" Rove, because he's a Republican.--SS

Karl Rove's Crossroads keeps lying—this time, about taxes:
Karl Rove
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Steve Benen points out that Karl Rove is a dirty, rotten liar who lies:
Both Obama and Clinton share an identical policy — Clinton wants tax increases delayed until the economy is stronger and so does Obama. The White House plan is unambiguous: the president calls for increased sacrifices from millionaires and billionaires to lower the deficit, but not until 2013. In the short term, Obama wants to cut taxes, not raise them.

The Rove/Crossroads ad argues the exact opposite of the truth, telling viewers Obama wants to raise taxes and that Clinton disagrees with the president’s agenda.

As Steve points out, Clinton already issued a statement on this, as a result of Rove previously pushing the claim.

Personally, I think raising taxes on the rich now won't do a damn thing to hurt the recovery (oh, the tragedy of ridiculously wealthy people having to cut their own government a slightly larger check) while austerity-mania continues to hurt the economy every day, on every front. But fine, Obama and Clinton don't want to go there. Doesn't matter to Rove, however, because Karl Rove is a consummate political professional, which is the politically acceptable way of saying he lies about everything, all the time, in order to help whoever pays his checks. America!

Nothing new here, of course. Just worth pointing out, yet again, that politics is all about being dishonest. If you can't win on the issues, just make crap up. Being proven a flaming liar time and time again has never hurt anyone in politics, and it seems unlikely we'll see it start happening anytime soon.

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