Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Our Mr. Brooks Rears His Head from Out of the Clouds

If, like me, you can't stand Bobo, then go read this whole thing from Charles P. Pierce.--SS

Our Mr. Brooks Rears His Head from Out of the Clouds:

The other day, I jokingly mentioned that David Brooks, soi-disant regent prince of the Island of Misfit Sociologists, gave every indication that he writes his columns from the moons of Neptune. Turns out, I was wrong. As is plain today, Brooks is a native of Tatooine. Not a sand person, surely, nor a vapor farmer, like the unfortunate Owen Lars. Probably not an habitue of the Mos Eisley cantina, either. ("I have the death sentence for boredom on five systems!") Just a guy writing columns for the local daily newspaper in which he explains to sand people, and the vapor farmers, and the derelicts at the bar that there simply is not enough moral consistency in them to make the place more livable, always neglecting to mention that the place is a desert largely because there is no fking water there.

Exhibit A is today's remarkable exhibition of interplanetary bushwah. (Reading it in the Beyond, Galileo buys Copernicus another stinger and they agree that all their work has turned out to be not worth the trouble.) Let's beam aboard, shall we?

Much more after the jump to hyperspace

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