Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cato Institutue's Resdient Climate Science Fake Skeptic Finally Takes What He Said Is a Good Bet

When someone says something's a "good bet" one would think that that means they'd be willing to be on it. But with some people, it's like pulling teeth. Probably because they're really not that sure of their own BS.

So, I was surprised when Patrick Michaels finally agreed to the bet he said was a good one.

Fake Climate Science Skeptic Finally Willing to Put Money Where His Mouth Is

Back in January, the CATO Institute's resident climate science fake skeptic Pat "Often Wrong" Michaels wrote in the Moonie Times: "’s a pretty good bet that we are going to go nearly a quarter of a century without warming."
Being a life-long gambler who discovered and then lost the best bets ever--politics and climate at Intrade--I contacted him and asked, "How much?"