Saturday, November 26, 2011

Making Politics Safe for Rich White People Again

John Cole unveils the "moderate" Republicans who will hopefully split off their vote for some Bloomberg third party.--SS

Making Politics Safe for Rich White People Again:

All you really need to know about Moderate Americans Elect is that they are basically the country-club Republicans who have been driven out of the GOP by the teahadist and talibangelical wings. They call themselves moderate, but they are basically the corporate wing of the former GOP. They’re down with laffer, tax cuts, gutting the safety net, and easing “burdensome” regulations. They’re ok with unfettered corporate greed, invading Iran, serving as Israel’s client state, and macing some fucking hippies who dare to stand around in front of Wall Street. They have a hard-on for the drug war and school vouchers.

The only thing that separates them from the GOP is they don’t give a shit about gay marriage and they think all the anti-immigration stuff is bad for business, and they have some black friends so the racism of the GOP base embarrasses them. This is the party of Bloomberg, Bayh, Giuliani, Harold Ford, Blanche Lincoln, etc.


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