Friday, November 18, 2011

How low will he go?

40% of union members vote Republican. If 10% of them stopped that idiotic behavior, Republicans would be a rump party from the south.--SS

How low will he go?:

Mitch Daniels is the far-Right Governor who created the template for Walker in Wisconsin and Kasich in Ohio. I know the myth goes that the Tea Party took over the formerly moderate GOP in 2010 and that’s where the coordinated conservative multi-state strategy came from, but the truth is there’s no daylight between Walker and Kasich and Daniels and Daniels has been in office since 2005. The Tea Party Theory never really made any sense.

Daniels has been putting in place the identical conservative policies and practices that Walker and Kasich espouse, and he’s been doing that unimpeded since 2005. I look to Indiana to see what’s up next on the multi-state, anti-worker agenda.

Daniels ended public employee unions by executive order shortly after he was elected and he’s conducted a careful, low-key campaign to destroy unions in Indiana since that time.

Gov. Mitch Daniels says Indiana could see an economic boost from a contentious “right-to-work” proposal, but stopped short of saying he wants state legislators to approve it.

A legislative study committee voted 5-4 along party lines last week to support a proposal that would prohibit workers from being required to pay union representation fees. A bill on the issue sparked this year’s five-week walkout by House Democrats

The Republican governor told the Kokomo Tribune’s editorial board on Thursday that a “right-to-work” law would make the state more competitive.

“We know there is about a quarter of the opportunities that won’t look at us because of the lack of this law,” Daniels said.

While Daniels hasn’t publicly endorsed the proposal, his state commerce secretary testified in favor of it during a study committee meeting in July.

Daniels knows this is a politically perilous issue for Republicans- there are a significant number of private sector union members who vote Republican-so he’ll keep some distance between his carefully crafted brand and the policies he supports and actively, if not publicly, promotes. Daniels is a much better politician than Walker or Kasich.

Daniels is promising jobs (again) if he’s successful in ending private sector collective bargaining in Indiana, which is what he promised when he ended public sector collective bargaining in Indiana, way back in 2005.

These are the unemployment rates in Indiana and Ohio 8.9 versus 9.1

Daniels has had years and years to put in the far-Right “jobs” plan he created, and this is where Indiana is when compared to Ohio, in terms of unemployment: 8.9 versus 9.1

The ever-elusive job creators are apparently holding out for one more concession from Mr. Daniels. Well, not really “from” Mitch Daniels. Job creators are demanding one more concession from the people of Indiana. No jobs for Indiana unless there’s no organized labor in Indiana. Daniels has given them everything they demanded since 2005, and more, and he’s still chasing them down that hill. He just lowered the corporate income tax rate and they’re already back for more goodies. I don’t think there’s anything he wouldn’t give them. They probably know that by now.


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