Friday, November 25, 2011

Fox News invents mythical part of United States constitution

Republicans lie.--SS

Fox News invents mythical part of United States constitution:

Remember Dick Cheney inventing a brand-new fourth branch of government he alone occupied? Fox News has done him one better and actually discovered hitherto unknown parts of the constitution!

FOX News screen capture

In the America I grew up in, the constitution had just seven articles, and no section numbered higher than ten. So I'm thinking there are a few possibilities here:

1) The Fox TV show Fringe is actually a documentary and I woke up in an alternate universe this morning;

2) Fox News employs the Nicolas Cage character from those idiotic-looking National Treasure movies and he's found dozens of secret pages of the constitution in James Madison's tomb; or

3) The people who write the chyrons for Fox News are actually the members of the Republican presidential primary field.

I'm open to other ideas, though. What do you think?

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