Thursday, November 17, 2011

We’re Hopeless

Republicans lie. Big surprise.--SS

We’re Hopeless:


Just checked memeorandum, and it looks like we are going to be spending the next couple weeks (and with the GOP’s history of success infusing bullshit into the political discussion, the next couple of decades) discussing this:

Here’s how it works- Obama says something, Republicans completely lie about it, the media notes the lie is catching on without ever actually calling it a lie, the Democrats have to waste resources and respond to the lie, Republicans double down, this sucks the life out of everything else for a couple week, and in ten years this will be conventional wisdom that Obama called Americans lazy, just like Al Gore claimed to invent the internet and the rest of the bullshit that wingnuts have adopted as received truths (snow in November refutes climate change, the more you cut taxes the more government revenue you raise, if a bombing campaign does not make people like you it means you didn’t bomb hard enough or your targeting was off, liberals lost Viet Nam, waterboarding isn’t torture, etc).

We’re so fucked as a nation.


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