Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Six Years Since Cheney Shot His Friend

The Cheney Philosophy: Shoot first, celebrate the misery later. Oh, and gun safety is for pussies.--SS

Six Years Since Cheney Shot His Friend: "The sixth anniversary earlier this month of Dick Cheney shooting his buddy in the face during a quail hunt went largely unnoticed... except for the ceremonial consumption of a quail snack," The Daily reports.

Said Harry Whittington: "It was a commemorative hors d'oeuvre."

"Six years after the incident, Whittington, 84, is still riddled with the bird shot Cheney accidentally hit him with. Some 30 odd pellets are lodged in the lining of his heart, his gums, his hand, his forehead, and the bridge of his nose... But rather than complain, Whittington refers to the lead embedded in his
body as 'memorabilia,' and says that he and Cheney remain in touch and
still trade hunting tales."

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