Monday, February 20, 2012

The Incredible Shrinking Man

My thoughts for President's Day.--SS

The Incredible Shrinking Man:

Back around Jan 4 of this year, Willard Romney hit peak approval. He's been heading down fast ever since.

[Click through for a graph]

For the record, Jan. 4 was when the story of Mitt not releasing his taxes got started. Put that in your general election pipe and smoke it.

Will Femia found (via Steve Benen) another interesting data point today.

Romney is having Trump campaign for him in Michigan. That's right. I said "for."

Santorum to win MI shares at Intrade are $4.26 a share right now. Seems like a good bet, considering how popular Trump is.

If you're trying to head off a guy in your home state who does well with the kind of middle class voters who define Michigan, and you bring in Donald Fucking Trump, then you are an even worse campaigner than I thought.

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