Monday, February 6, 2012

Nevada Caucuses Flop

Rump Party.--SS

Nevada Caucuses Flop: Las Vegas Sun: "In the casinos, they call it going bust. After months of reassurance that they could play with the big boys despite a trail of mishaps, the Nevada GOP played all of its cards Saturday and lost big time in a messy, disorganized election that saw low turnout and complaints of voter fraud and unexplained ballots."

"But the biggest tell that the volunteer-run caucuses didn't go as planned was that more than 24 hours after voters finished casting their ballots, no one officially knew who had won."

The Las Vegas Review Journal notes turnout was just 32,930, way below the 44,000 that turned out in 2008 and not even close to the 70,000 predicted by party leaders.

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