Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Stop them before they break again

All you Iraq war cheerleaders should still be ashamed.--SS  

Stop them before they break again:

I am partial to the philosophy that once a man admits that he is wrong, he is immediately forgiven for all wrong-doings, but fuck everyone who joined the Establishment holy wars against teh Clenis and teh Islamofascism and never apologized for it Fuck them all, whether they’re alive or dead. Atrios the other day:

The post-9/11 Iraq war runup era was completely fucked up in a way which will be hard to explain to anyone who didn’t live through it, but at least there was a degree of justification for insanity. Not how the insanity played out, but that people were insane. But in the 90s people were driven insane by a blowjob. Unless you can subject people to thousands of hours of cable news, showing both the bobbleheads and the politicians, there really is no way to communicate what happened in that era.

These assholes broke our country, and they did it purely for their own amusement. Remember the days of possibly paying off the national debt? And look at where we are now. It’s insane: run up a lot of debt on war and tax cuts, plunge the economy into a recession with financial deregulation, then use the debt as a pretext to end the social safety net.

They’ll break it even more if we let them. That’s what austerity is: the new Iraq War. And Politificat is one the many new Judy Millers. Fuck them too.


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