Friday, December 23, 2011


Go read this great history of the Iraq War. If you were for it, and you have not apologized, then I have a Dick Cheney quote for you: go fuck yourself.--SS

HARPER'S MAGAZINE—The Iraq War Review:

In the first State of the Union address of his presidency, George W. Bush identified Iran, Iraq, and North Korea as an “axis of evil.” Former vice-president Al Gore said that Iraq was a “virulent threat” that called for a “final reckoning.” Secretary of State Colin Powell told the Senate that Bush had decided to overthrow Hussein but had not yet settled on a strategy. Senator Trent Lott (R., Miss.) suspected the presence of Al Qaeda elements in Iraq, and Bush warned that the country could be six months away from developing nuclear weapons. “I don’t know what more evidence we need,” he said. Congressional Democrats explained that they were reluctant to oppose the war because of the November election. . . .

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