Friday, December 30, 2011

Romney Used Poll for Abortion Stance

Mitt only cares about money. But to win the nomination, he would be willing to strap your daughter down and force her to give birth to a baby she doesn't want.--SS

Romney Used Poll for Abortion Stance:

A new book, Mitt Romney: An Inside Look at the Man and His Politics by Ronald Scott, sheds some light on how Romney approached the issue of abortion in his first political race, reports Byron York.

"According to Scott, Romney revealed that polling from Richard Wirthlin, Ronald Reagan's former pollster whom Romney had hired for the '94 campaign, showed it would be impossible for a pro-life candidate to win statewide office in Massachusetts. In light of that, Romney decided to run as a pro-choice candidate, pledging to support Roe v. Wade, while remaining personally pro-life."

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