Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ro-mentum is the new austerity is the new Iraq War

Metrosexual Manichean Monster DougJ of Balloon Juice is hoping for an asteroid again...

Ro-mentum is the new austerity is the new Iraq War:

one wonders why media orgs have been spending so much money on polls all these years if we could learn more from goat entrails
— Atrios (@Atrios) October 31, 2012

Joe Scar wusses out on betting Nate Silver Romney will win. Halperin admits that Romney people think Romney will lose but want the useful Village idiots to pimp Ro-mentum.

Here’s a pretty awesome twofer: Bill “No Labels” Galston pushing austerity as the only political path forward for Democrats…without making a single argument as to why it’s good economic policy.

It’s always the same. Don’t listen to the hippies about Iraq, trust W’s gut. Don’t listen to Paul Krugman about the economy, gubmint should tighten its belt when folks have to. Don’t listen to Nate Silver about the election, trust Joe Scarborough’s gut.

What meteor will rid us of this meddlesome official discourse?


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