Saturday, November 24, 2012

Rahm Emanuel: It’s time to rebuild America - The Washington Post

Borrow at negative interest. Hire unemployed people. Buy cheap materials. Use cheap equipment. Fix the $2.2 trillion in infrastructure we need to fix in the next 5 years. Jump start growth, the new infrastructure makes us more productive and competitive--SS     

Rahm Emanuel: It’s time to rebuild America - The Washington Post:

Demographics alone are not destiny. There is nothing in this year’s election returns that guarantees Democrats a permanent majority in the years to come. President Obama and the Democratic Party earned the support of key groups — young people, single women, Latinos, African Americans, auto workers in the Rust Belt and millions of other middle-class Americans — because of our ideas. 
But we cannot expect Republicans to cede the economic argument so readily, or to fall so far short on campaign mechanics, the next time around. 
So, instead of resting on false assurances of underlying demographic advantages, the Democratic Party must follow through on our No. 1 priority, which the president set when he took office and reemphasized throughout this campaign: It is time to come home and rebuild America.

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