Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hear Lee explain the core Conservative world view

Kick them while they're down, because they certainly deserve it.--SS     

Hear Lee explain the core Conservative world view:


Jimmy Carter’s grandson has found another bit of tape that explains how modern Conservatives/Wingnuts/Republicans view the world.

This artifact dates back to the Reagan years. It is audio of the 42 minute interview with Lee Atwater where he explains how the Southern Strategy works and why it is the core of the conservative movement. His words are fresh and he could have been talking about 2012 campaign conservatives ran against President Obama.

The folks over at The Nation have published the audio. Folks around here have often pointed to Atwater’s quote, but it is something to hear him say it (and more) in context.

The current Republican Party and conservative movement has not strayed very far from Atwater’s playbook—ever. I do not think they are capable of doing so. Division, fear, race-based politics and code talking are the only tools they know. Without them, they have nothing.

They have suffered a defeat, but they could regroup and be back. That is what they did with the Tea-Bagger marketing ploy in 2009. Now is the time to take the fight to them. It is way past time for their Southern Strategy to die. Their CONservative movement is based on structural racism and sexism. They hate it when that is pointed out. They squeal, whine and fuss whenever the truth of their movement is mentioned, but now is a great time to mentioned it. They are down and we should kick them as hard as we can.



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