Monday, March 12, 2012

Tilting at Dutch windmills

Sticky Ricky is a liar.--SS   

Tilting at Dutch windmills:

Rick Santorum caused a minor international incident a few weeks ago, arguing that in the Netherlands, government officials routinely euthanize the elderly "involuntarily" when seniors "are older and sick." As a result, the Republican presidential hopeful argued, elderly Dutch people simply "don't go to the hospital," because they're terrified of being murdered by the state.

Erik Mouthaan, the U.S. correspondent for the Dutch RTL Evening News, appeared on the show soon after, explaining that Santorum has no idea what he's talking about. But to update the story, Andrew Kaczynski reports that Mouthaan connected with Santorum press secretary Alice Stewart, asking to explain why the former senator made a series of claims that simply aren't true. Regrettably, Stewart didn't offer much of a defense.

[Go watch the video.]

From Stewart's perspective, Santorum being " a strong pro-life person" apparently gives him license to make up nonsense about the Netherlands.

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