Thursday, March 8, 2012

Paint Misbehavin' (We Love Wisconsin edition)

So much for a free market of ideas.--SS

Paint Misbehavin' (We Love Wisconsin edition):
Round One: Wisconsin Republicans were so skeeved out by a planned art show celebrating the massive protests against Governor Scott Walker's policies, that they managed to shut it down.

For good measure, they reportedly threatened to withdraw funding for the University of Wisconsin-Extension's School for Workers, which was hosting the show.

Said a spokesman for Republican Representative Steve Nass, "We just said, 'Look, you can't be running events celebrating the protests, which were heavily aimed at Republicans, and then expect that Republicans are going to smile nicely and sit down and try and work issues out with the university.' "
Round Two: it's back on.

Organizers have done an end run around the Republicans and are staging a Bring Your Own Art Show this Friday and Saturday at the Goodman Community Center in Madison.

According to the press release: "Bring your signs, banners, posters, songs, poems, music and share your righteous indignation." (Smiling nicely, optional.)

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