Saturday, March 17, 2012

Screaming in the background, and another shot and then silence

Soonergrunt of Balloon Juice notes that bad days aren't that bad when you're a white male.--SS    

Screaming in the background, and another shot and then silence:

Trayvon Martin was killed in Sanford, Florida last week three weeks ago.  He was killed by a Neighborhood Watch member, who followed him for several minutes, and called Sanford 911 to report a person acting suspiciously.  That person was a 140lb African American teenager who was in the gated community visiting his father and step mother.  When he called 911, the Neighborhood Watch member, George Zimmerman, was told not to approach or engage the person he was following.  Instead, he killed Trayvon Martin with a handgun.  Trayvon had a can of soda and a bag of skittles.  You get to guess which ethnic group George Zimmerman is NOT a member of.

The audio tape of the 911 call by a neighbor raises a lot of question (warning—trigger material).  The tape opens with a young woman calling the police to report a gunshot and a person hurt.  Screams can be heard in the background, followed by another gunshot and then silence.  Remember that is AFTER the initial gunshot that prompted the caller to call 911.

To date, George Zimmerman has not been charged with a crime.  There is no circumstance that fits the publicly known facts that I can think of under which this isn’t a crime.

I’ve had a shitty day. One of the worst ones I’ve had in a very long time.  But I am a white male.  Every shitty thing that happened today, was either minimized because I am a white male and don’t have the kind of shit to put up with that others have, or I incurred it because I am a white male who was not only educated and paid pretty well to deal with the shit I deal with in IT, but also had tools given to me to solve those very problems, and being a white male, was allowed to solve those problems without additional shit to have to deal with.

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